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Our tax plan? Plan your taxes.

Planning for taxes can be time-consuming and confusing. Lili puts you back in control with the tools to make it quick and simple. Sort your expenses, reduce your taxes and easily generate your expense reports

Tax Jar

Expense categorization

Expense Reports

Expense in real-time, reduce your taxes

Don’t miss another business expense because of a lost receipt or a forgetful brain! Categorize your business expenses on the go and in real-time, directly from your account.

Let us do the saving! 

Don’t spend what you don’t (technically) have! Automatically set aside a percentage of every paycheck into your Tax bucket, to make sure you save enough for your taxes.

Don’t stay up all night on April 14th!

Why manually fill a spreadsheet when Lili can do it for you? Lili auto-generates your expense reports for your tax filing. If you’ve done the work throughout the year, just one click, and you can go to bed!

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax


What are you waiting for?

With a mobile experience designed to empower self-made workers like you. Four simple steps, and you’ll have Lili in your corner.